The Greyhawk Campaign: Rise of the Blood Moon

The Great Moon (Luna) waxes and wanes like the hourglass giving time. Celene, her smaller aquamarine sister, comes to full beauty only four times a year. These days where Luna and Celene are in their fullness mark the great festivals.

To the arrival of the Common Year 576, the celestial bodies choreographed an exquisite dance. Astronomers and sages assembled to study the event. “Sometimes worlds cross ways,” they would say.

Some saw grim portents, others a great awakening. And for the feeble minds of mortals, only oppositions not possibilities are revealed, and never concurrence.

“Not since the Ancient Empire brought down the Rain of Colorless Fire,” were matched by, “A great deliverance shall come.”

Only one, very old, from a small Abby in Veluna spoke the truth. “The Blood Moon, for those who walk the planes, will come. hwether, rapture or ruin, only we have provenance.”

Rise of the Blood Moon: Keepers of the Great Elm

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